In this section you will receive information about all offered services and how you can order designs.




Esport Logo Design

Illustration is one of our favorite things to do. We love hearing your ideas and creating awesome illustrations to support your team, brand or business. These things can be anything from apparel designs for your clothing company to illustrations for your social media platforms.


Logotype Design

The Logotype Design defines your appearance! It is something more detailed and expressive than a logo design. A lot of people are using a logotype as a part of their thumbnails, banners or logos. 


Logo Design

The design of a logo identifies your business in the most simplistic form. This will be your brands identity all together in one awesome mark. For me it is very important that I am working together with the client on the logo. The most important thing is to fulfil the expectations of the client! 


If there are any services not mentioned here you can simply ask by sending an e-mail.

Step By Step To Your Design


Step 1

Already interested? Start by contacting me by sending an e-mail or adding me on skype. If you are not sure yet, you can view the portfolio

Step 2

Now we will speak about your wishes and expectations for your own design. Describe your design by mentioning colors, shapes or texts. You can send some designs you like to show how your own should look like! Furthermore, I will calculate the expected costs for you!




Step 3

Now I will make a concept of your design by drawing it. The concept will be sent to you and you will decide what should be changend or if it is already great! Feel free to mention your wishes and what should be changed. In the end there should be a satisfied and happy client.

Step 4

When you reached this step, your design is already nearly finished! Over the whole time of designing you will receive screenshots of the process. With the screenshots you can say if it is still great for you. If not, your design will be changed without any additional costs. You will receive different files (transparent, black, vector, etc.) and a free wallpaper of your design! So the satisfication of the clients is guaranteed.

Finished Product



Step 5

The .zip file is finished and filled with your designs and the .ai file. Now it is time for the payment. Currently PayPal and international transactions are accepted. The price depends on your design, starting at 20€ up to 200€. After the payment is done, I will upload the .zip file to a online platform.



Are there any questions? Feel free to ask below or order a design!